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VB.NET – User Impersonation

Application Error:

“ASP.NET  v4.0” does not have the authority to perform the requested command or operation.”


ASP.NET  v4.0 application has no right to access DB2 database with default application user.


  1. Login on to server where your application is hosted
  2. Create new local user account (myuser, myusrpwd)
  3. Add myuser account to DB2ADMNS, DB2USERS and IIS_IUSRS groups
  4. Open IIS Manager (Start – inetmgr – Enter)
  5. Select Default Web Site
  6. In Default Web Site Home screen, double click Authentication
  7. Right-click ASP.NET  Impersonation and Enable it. Right-click it again and Edit it. Check Specific User: and click Set… button. Enter username and password for the specific user (myuser). Click OK.

<identity impersonate="true" password="myurspwd" userName="myuser" />

  1. Save and x-out Web.config file.
  2. Build and Publish your application.