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Colorbox example

1. Create colorbox folder on your pc/server

2. Download index.html file (here) and save it in colorbox folder

3. Download jQuery.colorbox.txt file (here) and save it in colorbox folder as jQuery.colorbox.js

4. Download colorbox.txt file (here) and save it in colorbox folder as colorbox.css

5. Download images.zip file (here) save it in colorbox folder and unzip it

OK, now when you have all the files test the colorbox by opeining index.html file. If the colorbox frame appear to be broken, you probably need to work on images path which you can find in colorbox.css file. This happens if you upload files to your server, so sometime you need to provide the full physical path to the images. Keep in mind to test your colorbox in IE7+ and Firefox. If colorbox works in Firefox, most likely it will work correctly in Opera, Chrome and Safari.

Any question – submit a comment. Happy codding!