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ASP.NET Validator – validate one of the two values

Validate one of the two textbox values Markup page Please enter on of at least one contact point: <asp:CustomValidator ID=”ContactInfoAlert” runat=”server” ErrorMessage=”CustomValidator” OnServerValidate=”CustomValidator_ServerValidate”> </asp:CustomValidator> User email: <asp:TextBox ID=”EmailTbx” runat=”server” ToolTip=”Enter email.” > </asp:TextBox> User phone: <asp:TextBox ID=”PhoneTbx” runat=”server” ToolTip=”Enter phone number.” > </asp:TextBox> <asp:Button ID=”Btn1″ runat=”server” Text=”Next” CausesValidation=”true”/> Click to read more… Code-behind page Protected […]

VB.NET – SQL statement “LIKE”

Input box Please enter customer first or last name: <asp:RequiredFieldValidator ID=”ReqSearchfor” runat=”server” ErrorMessage=”<font color=’red’>Input box can not be empty!</font>” ControlToValidate=”SearchFor” > <asp:TextBox ID=”SearchFor” runat=”server”> <asp:Button ID=”SearchBtn” runat=”server” Text=”Search” /> SQL DataSource Design <asp:SqlDataSource ID=”SearchResults” runat=”server” ConnectionString=”< %$ myConString %>” SelectCommand=”SELECT * FROM [CustomerTbl] WHERE ([customer_name] LIKE ‘%’ + @customer_name + ‘%’)” <SelectParameters> <asp:ControlParameter ControlID=”SearchFor” Name=”customer_name” […]

Drop-down onChange event

Chose file type: <select onChange=”window.location=this.options[this.selectedIndex].value;”> <option selected>Please select</option> <option value=”Music.aspx”>Music Files</option> <option value=”Movie.aspx”>Movies</option> <option value=”OfficeDoc.aspx#word”>Word Files</option> </select> EXAMPLE: Chose file type: Please select…Music FilesMoviesWord Files